• HD Truck & Trailer Repairs. Roadside and in our shop … we will get you running again

  • Ag Farm Equipment Repairs & Maintenance. In-Shop or Emergency Service On-Site

  • RV Mechanical Repairs. Engines, Brakes, Transmissions & Axels are Repaired & Rebuilt

MountainView Truck & Trailer Centre

Heavy Duty Truck, Trailer & Ag Equipment Repairs

Commercial Trucks – Hi-Way Trailers – Ag Farm Equipment – RV’s – Domestic Cars & Trucks

  • Are you a Rancher or Farmer who needs a mechanic with diverse skills?
  • Trucker needing a technician who can diagnose and repair quickly?
  • Does your RV need brakes, new tires, transmission or suspension work?
  • Looking for a one-stop shop for all of your heavy truck needs?

MountainView Truck & Trailer is Your One-Stop-Shop For:

  • Farm & Ranch Vehicles
  • Tractor-trailers, LCVs (foreign & domestic)
  • RVs (mechanical & interior living quarters)
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI)
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Tires (repairs & sales)
  • Parts (bearings, seals, lubricants, hydraulic & air conditioning hose, brakes…)
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance (coming soon…)
  • Antique Farm Tractors

The Big-Picture Approach to Vehicle Maintenance

Have you ever been to a doctor who spent 30 seconds listening to you? Maybe you get a prescription and are sent on your way. You don’t know what is wrong, but something is. You don’t know what the medication is for. You don’t know if this pill is going to fix the problem or just mask it and leave the root of the problem still festering below the surface. You don’t know what the side-effects could be. You are clueless and in the dark.

Sometimes going to a mechanic can feel a bit like this. You are hustled through the system. You have to report your farm and ranch vehicle’s “symptoms” to a third party and hope that nothing gets lost in the translation. You just kinda hope your semi (RV, pickup) gets taken care of properly because you do not have the time and money to keep bringing it back, over and over.

Farm & Ranch, Semi-Tractor & Trailer, RVs, Heavy Trucks

At MountainView Truck & Trailer our approach to vehicle maintenance is different from other shops. Each and every RV, heavy truck, pickup, farm and ranch vehicle, semi-tractor or trailer we work on gets examined with the big picture in mind. We don’t just look at the immediate issue at hand. We only use high quality parts and we don’t charge an arm and a leg for them. We don’t do business that way. We swim against the stream. MountainView Truck & Tire would far rather spend the time required to diagnose your vehicle properly and fix it right the first time, than to have you coming back again and again for the same problem.

Our team makes it our practice to inform you of anything else of immediate concern or something that we need to keep an eye on. This way you can be aware of it and be budgeting for it. After many years as a journeyman mechanic, owner Jeff Adema is convinced that by taking this approach we save you money in the long run because we can catch small things before they become big ticket items.

Our families use these highways too. We want to keep our family, your family, and everyone else on the road, safe.


For further information, contact MountainView Truck & Trailer located in Olds, Alberta – right in the centre of the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor.